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Welcome to Gonstead Chiropractic Centre Alicante!

Since the clinic was established in 2011, we have dedicated ourselves to improving and maintaining people’s health.

How have we achieved this?

The answer can be found in the spinal column! When it works well, the nervous system functions even better and you have a greater capacity to do the things you need to do and the things you want to do. Whether it is to work, to play, or to pick up your grandchildren, then a healthier spine and nervous system are likely to help.

How can we help you?

Your first visit: As a new patient, you will have a 1-1 consultation with the Chiropractor followed by a physical examination that includes: a thorough examination of your spine (and other joints of the body if indicated), nervous system and postural analysis. This process lasts up to 45 minutes. X-rays may be required if deemed necessary.

On completion of the first visit, the Chiropractor will study your case and you will be asked to return as soon as possible for the Report of Findings, which lasts 30 minutes. This includes a personal Chiropractic health talk from one of our highly trained Chiropractic Assistants. Then the Chiropractor will explain everything in detail, including x-rays, and give the answers to the 4 most common questions in a patients mind:

What’s the problem?
Can Chiropractic help?
How long will the treatment take?
How much will it cost?

We will answer any questions you might have and then you can decide whether or not to proceed with treatment.

What does a Chiropractor do?

They use their hands to feel for joints, particularly of the spine, that do not move properly. Once these have been located, the Chiropractor uses a quick impulse (an “adjustment”) to free up stiff joints so the spine can move as it should and allow the nervous system to do its job. This promotes the body’s inherent ability to heal itself and gradually improve body function and health.

About us

We are a friendly and welcoming team of 2 persons: 1 Chiropractor and 1 Chiropractic Assistant. Our Chiropractor, James Birdseye, completed his 5 year Masters in Chiropractic in the UK and has treated thousands of patients since. Natalia is a highly trained Chiropractic Assistant who has also helped thousands on their journeys to better health. We believe that our patients are in safe and secure hands!br />

About our patients

We see people of all ages, including babies, great grandmas in their 90s and everyone in-between. Amongst others, professional footballers, housewives, students and retired golfers regularly attend our clinic. Many will initially present with one or some of the following: Low back pain, hip pain, leg pain, sciatica, neck pain, headaches, dizziness, shoulder and arm pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, tingling, numbness, shooting pains, indigestion, period pain, intestinal complaints.

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Monday and Wednesday: 10:00 to 19:00 h Friday: 10:00 to 13:00 h